Combinatie CER assumes their social responsibility by putting (integral) safety first and foremost in the project. Integral means that we consider all safety issues in connection to each other. We continuously work on our safety performances in this project.

Safety concerns everyone. Combinatie CER works on their safety goals in conjunction with the Port of Rotterdam Authority. Safety is just as important to them as it is to us. We do not only take the safety of our own workers into consideration, but also the safety of everyone working on or using the CER, now and in the future. The user must be able to use any of our structures safely, both during the construction phase and the use phase, and ultimately it should also be possible for us to decommission the entire structure safely.

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Health and safety are intertwined with our project culture and are supported by the safety programme Be Alert. Safety First. (Dutch: Wees Alert. Veiligheid Eerst. WAVE). Combinatie CER considers it important that all workers understand the basic philosophy behind the safety programme. The WAVE programme sets out standard safety values and rules.


The WAVE rules of conduct that apply to the project are: 

1.     Use the prescribed personal protective equipment (PPE).

2.     Provide safe fencing at the workplace.

3.     Use the appropriate (approved) work equipment and tools.

4.     Keep the workplace tidy.

5.     Conduct a last minute risk assessment (LMRA).

6.     Do not work or drive under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.

7.     Do not smoke outside the designated areas.

World-class safety

The Port of Rotterdam aspires to be the safest and most efficient port in the world and continually works towards this. This requires close cooperation, for which the port undertakes various activities. World-class safety instils confidence and is an important condition for companies when setting up a business. Take for instance, nautical safety, social safety, external safety, water safety, work safety and cyber security. In building the Container Exchange Route, Combinatie CER aims to contribute to this together with the Port of Rotterdam Authority.