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What’s the status of the CER project?


During the Covid outbreak we didn’t publish that many updates on our website – but we haven’t sat still. Despite the situation, we’ve managed to continue with nearly all activity on our schedule. Time for an update: what’s the current status of the CER project?

Intersection West, near the RWG terminal

Work on the bearings has been rounded off and the concrete sleepers for the decks are all in place. The concrete sleepers form the base for the concrete decks, which extend from bearing to bearing. In the near future, these decks will carry the transport vehicles past a number of locations where the CER intersects with the existing rail infrastructure. The CER circuit will cross this infrastructure via overpasses.

200623 - Luchtfoto's CER -5.jpg
Photo: Rindert van den Toren

Intersection North, near APMT-2

The bearings are all completed and nearly all the sleepers have currently been installed. This work will be rounded off in the period ahead. In addition, we will continue working on the layer of concrete decks supported by the sleepers. The final items on the programme are the completion of the retaining structures and the installation of the edging units.

200623 - Luchtfoto's CER -6.jpg
Photo: Rindert van den Toren

Intersection South

The manufacture of the bearings has nearly been rounded off – as has work on the first two phases of the retaining structures. We will soon be starting on the installation of the prefab sleepers for the decks at the southern intersection, followed by the construction of the concrete layer on top of these sleepers. After the summer holidays, we will also start on the third and final layer of back fill in the retaining structures, and we will install the edging units along the decks and the retaining structures.

200623 - Luchtfoto's CER -1.jpg
Photo: Rindert van den Toren

The CER circuit

Work on the circuit’s foundations at grade level – in other words, all sections of the CER apart from the overpass entries and exits – has more or less been rounded off. The bottom-most layer of the circuit foundation, which consists of lean concrete and asphalt, has already been constructed. Over the next few weeks, the paver will start realising the 14-km Continuous Reinforced Concrete (CRC) circuit. The paver is a large machine that pours concrete on the reinforced base and immediately evens it out along the circuit in a single operation. This is actually the final stage in the construction of the CER circuit. The paver will finish work on the grade sections of the concrete circuit before the summer holidays. After the summer holidays, we will start pouring lean concrete at the overpasses.