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The home stretch


We’re nearing the end of the project. We’ve made a lot of headway in recent months, and in the period ahead, we’ll be working hard to round it off in its entirety.

We spent the past few months completing the decks of the overpasses . In addition, we’ve rounded off work on the retaining structures and attached many of the edging units. By now, you can clearly make out the definite outlines of the structures at the West, North and South overpasses.

Work starts on CRC paving along overpasses

At the beginning of this month, we started on the construction of the Continuous Reinforced Concrete (CRC) circuit along the retaining structures and the overpasses. We will continue to work on this phase of the project until early 2021.

Safety facilities in the vicinity of the track

In addition, we’ve fitted a guide rail alongside the track. In the event of a derailment, this rail prevents the train from coming in contact with either the overpasses or the retaining structures. This means that if a train happens to run off the rails, the overpass won’t be damaged.