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Employees donate €5,000 to good causes by achieving the safety index


On Wednesday 22 January and on behalf of the CER Consortium, formed by KWS and Van Hattum en Blankevoort, and the Port of Rotterdam a total of 5,000 euro was donated to Stichting Kinderen Kankervrij (KIKA), Erasmus MC Foundation (Daniel den Hoed Stichting), Familiehuis Daniel den Hoed and Crigler Najjar Stichting. CER Consortium employees selected these good causes. This amount became available after the safety index was achieved in quarter four of 2019.

CER places a high priority on safe working during construction. At the start of the project, the Port of Rotterdam and the CER Consortium allocated €100,000 to stimulate and reward safe working. This amount is subdivided into employee rewards via gifts and donations to good causes selected by the employees.

The safety index. How does it work?

The safety index was developed as a means of measuring safety on the Container Exchange Route (CER) project. It is a data system that uses various data, including reports of unsafe situations, observations and questionnaires completed by our own employees, to determine the safety level for each month. The outcome is an indicator of safety performance; a kind of grade with respect to safety. The safety index scores determine how much can be donated towards a good cause. The employees decide which charitable project/cause should receive the cash amount.