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Combinatie CER lifts 103.5-tonne girder across track


In the night of 30 November and 1 December, we hoisted a girder weighing 103.5 tonnes onto a bearing near viaduct Noord, close to the AMPT-2 terminal. Since most of this girder extends across the rail track below, this work needed to be scheduled at night during a ‘train-free period’ (TFP, also known as suspension of service). Resulting in some great pictures!

*The photos were taken during a ‘train-free period’ under the supervision of a safety officer*

How did we do this?

The section of track crossed by the girder actually leads up to a set of switch points. This means there was limited space between the two tracks to place supports. We prefabricated the girder at a site near the track. The girder includes strip sheaths with a diameter of 10 cm each. With the aid of a 700-tonne crane, we lifted the girder from the prefabrication site and positioned it onto its final bearing adjacent to the track. A total of 52 rebars extend from this bearing, which fit exactly into the girder’s strip sheaths. These rebars, which ultimately form the connection between the bearing and the girder, were secured after installation with casting mortar (a highly fluid concrete bonding material).

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