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Combinatie CER is working on three overpasses at the same time


Three overpasses with a combined length of approximately 2 kilometres: Combinatie CER is building them all at the same time. The first overpass, which our consortium started working on in April, is viaduct West (near the RWG terminal). We started on viaduct Noord in June, and we’ve also finished driving piles for the foundations of viaduct Zuid. How far are we now when it comes to construction? Read on to find out...

The largest overpass in the port of Rotterdam: Viaduct West

In April we started construction on viaduct West. This is the largest of the three overpasses planned – and the most difficult to build. Upon completion, viaduct West will actually be the largest overpass in the entire port of Rotterdam. Its construction is quite a challenge. Not only due to its size – the overpass will be over a kilometre long – but also because the railway line runs straight through our project site. Most of the substructure for viaduct West has now been completed, and we expect to round off this part of the project by Christmas. After that, we will be installing concrete ‘girders’ on top of the substructure, which will extend from one bearing to the next. The distance between each of these bearings is 40 metres – almost half a football pitch! This stage will last until the end of April 2020.

191008 - CER- Voortgang Kunstwerken W-N-Z-36.jpg

Viaduct North

Viaduct North is approximately 600 metres long. We started working on this overpass in June. By now, we’ve progressed to the point where all foundations that will soon support the bearings are in place. Here, we will once again be carrying out the same activities we executed at viaduct West. Although this overpass does have a different design – meaning that we’ll be taking a different approach too.

191008 - CER- Voortgang Kunstwerken W-N-Z-30.jpg

Viaduct South

Viaduct South will also be 600 metres long. We have started preparing the site for the construction of the foundations that will soon be supporting the bearings. One of the big challenges in the case of this overpass is that the road for the fire brigade needs to remain accessible throughout construction. Similar to the railway, this route runs under the overpass.

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